Friday, February 11, 2005

Freelance Job of the Day

Cite checking and end note help for thesis, $1,000: I am at or near the end of writing my PhD thesis at Berkeley. What's left is to fill in the citations in Chicago Manual of Style format for about 500 footnotes. Many of the citations are the same throughout the 6 chapters and I have endnote, but the citations are not filled in in EndNote either. So, I need someone, preferably with access to an academic libreary website, to: 1) find and fill out citations. 2) Check over the citations I have already entered 3) compiling a "works cited" list and formatting footnotes and endotes 4) Formatting the entire document to meet the UC Berkeley Thesis guidelines I have a deadline of the end of March. Ideally a little before then. My budget is a bit limited about $1000. I was thinking of paying $15 per hour with a bonus for getting it done by the middle of March. That said, if $15 is crazy talk, then I would at least be willing to meet the hourly pay for a graduate student assistant (i think that's around $15 but could be as high as $20). The main thing is that my emotional energy and now time are very limited and my committee is not going to sign off without this done.
(Posted 2/10/05)