Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Writer Beware Blogs!

Be sure and check out A.C. Crispin’s and Victoria Strauss’ blog, Writer Beware Blogs!, which details how they find and research writing scams for their Writer Beware pages on the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc. site.

If you know of a great site that posts information about writing scams please let me know so I can pass it on to the group. Thanks. *SmiLes* Suzanne

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Freelance Daily - Freelance Writing Scams

Good morning … I have set up a new blog where I will post alerts and warnings about job ads that are non-paying, low paying, have been misleading in their ad, or did not pay a freelancer for completed work.

I am in the process of getting the blog set up properly and in the best format to pass down this information to you so please be patient while I get the hang of what I’m doing with it.

If you are experienced with WordPress or blogging in general and want to give me some pointers please shoot me an email.


About Freelance Daily

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Freelance Writing Jobs - July 20, 2007

Today's Freelance Writing Jobs ~ 49 new freelance writing opportunities!
(Want to see these in their entirety? Visit us at http://www.freelancedaily.net/

Write about the Solar Energy Industry - Part Time and Contract (Comp: $10-$20/hr) (Denver; telecommute)
Music and Concerts Writer (Comp: Not stated) (U.K.)
Freelance Writers Needed for The Town Talk/Signature Magazine (Comp: Set amount per assignment) (Alexandria, LA)
Freelance Writers for The Desert Trail (Comp: Not stated) (Twentynine Palms, CA)
Part-Time Freelance News Reporter (Comp: Competitive) (Muskegon, MI)
Freelance Writers Needed for Magazine (Comp: Not stated) (Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti, MI)
Experienced Freelance Writer for Newspaper - Part Time (Comp: $1,200/month) (Baltimore)
Looking for Digital Camera Experts! - Part Time and Contract (Comp: $10/hr) (telecommute)
Freelance Business Writers (Comp: $300-$400/assignment) (telecommute)
Writers Wanted for Stories about L.A. Nightlife (Comp: $100 for anything over 400 words) (Los Angeles)
Freelance Writers Needed to Write About Pet Topics (Comp: $50/article published) (Philadelphia)
Freelance Writers for Profile Articles on Phoenix Doctors - Contract (Comp: $300-$400/article) (Phoenix; telecommute)
southcoast247.com Seeks Freelance Writers (Comp: per-piece basis, based on article length) (New Bedford, MA)
Local Business Writer and Proofreader Needed (Comp: Not stated) (Chula Vista, CA)
Need Writer to Help with Some Short Stories and Movies (Comp: Amount not stated) (Maryland/District of Columbia)

No Listings Today

No Listings Today

Part-Time Public Relations - Contract (Comp: Submit your proposal) (Central NJ - Monmouth County; telecommute)
4-6 Week Grant Writer (Comp: Please indicate your hourly rate requirement) (New York, NY)
Freelance Part-Time Copywriter (Comp: Up to $25/hr) (Houston)
Resume Doctor Needed (Comp: Send rates) (Los Angeles)
Senior Writer w/HTML - Contract Work - Two Months (Comp: Market rate) (Tewksbury, MA)
RFP Proposal Writer - Contract (Comp: Send rate expectation) (Dallas)
Freelance Copy Writer Needed! (Comp: Negotiable) (San Fernando Valley, CA)
Female Spanish Writers Needed for Product Description (Comp: TBD) (Santa Monica, CA)
Part-Time Copywriter for School (Comp: negotiable) (Brentwood, CA; telecommute)
Website Content Writing (Comp: discussed upon meeting) (Mobile, AL)
Need an Expert Email Marketer (Comp: Pay) (telecommute)
Freelance Copywriter (Comp: Not stated) (TriBeCa, Manhattan)
Looking for Resume Writer (Comp: Dependent on experience) (telecommute)
6 Week Sports Writer (Comp: $30-$35/hour DOE) (Seattle)
2 Month Copywriter (Comp: $30-$35/hour DOE) (Seattle)

Writer/Editor Needed for Commercial Spot (Comp: need rates/negotiable) (Acworth, GA)
Primetime Drama Pilot? (Comp: Negotiable) (Los Angeles/New York)

3 Month Technical Writer (Comp: DOE) (North Austin)
2 Month Crystal Reports Writer - Contract (Comp: DOE (hourly W2)) (NW Austin)
Part-Time Technical Writers for Successful Publishing Company - Contract (1099) (Comp: negotiable and will be based on experience) (telecommute)
Technical Writer for Medical Software Manual - Contract (Comp: DOE) (San Diego; telecommute)
3-4 Month Technical Writer - AutoCAD - Contract (Comp: Negotiable) (Santa Clara, CA)
3-4 Month Technical Writer - Contract (Comp: $10-$12/hour) (North County, MO)

Freelance Part-Time Line Editor (Comp: Not stated) (New York, NY)
Line Editor for Research Paper (Comp: Minimum of $100; send estimate of cost) (telecommute)
Book Editor Sought for New Novel (Comp: market rates) (Manhattan)
Looking for Editors (Comp: Contract basis and only after publication) (Phoenix area)
Editor/Proofreader Needed (Comp: $300 for week) (Richmond, VA)

Part-Time Translation - English to Japanese (Comp: $300) (Tokyo)
Korean Translator Needed (Comp: $250) (Westside-Southbay, Los Angeles)
Transcribers Needed for Doc Film - Contract (Comp: $15/hour) (Montreal)
Do You Write Extremely Well in Calligraphy? (Comp: TBD) (San Francisco)
Transcriber Wanted (Comp: Send hourly rate) (Western Massachusetts)

Proofreader - 10 Hours a Week! (Comp: $18/hour) (Boston)

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Friday, July 20, 2007

Freelance Writing - Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day:

Convince yourself that you are working in clay, not marble, on paper, not eternal bronze: Let that first sentence be as stupid as it wishes.

--Jacques Barzun

Visit us at http://www.freelancedaily.net

Thursday, July 19, 2007

3 Tips for Finding Online Freelance Writing Jobs
by Allison Whitehead

There is big money in finding freelance writing jobs online. Whether you want to write for websites, or for magazines advertising for writers online, or other companies looking for people to write content for them, there is more work out there than you can shake a stick at.

If you can find it.

Knowing where to look is half the battle in finding work. Here are three top tips to help ensure you’re looking in the right places:

1 – Subscribe to as many free writing ezines as you can. If you search for the terms ‘freelance writing’, ‘article writing’, ‘online writing’ and so on, all manner of excellent websites will come up in the results. Many of these offer a regular newsletter, and the best ones have up to date job listings in every issue.

2 – Sites like Constant Content allow you to post numerous articles and blog entries for free. You only pay a percentage to them if an article sells. Write articles on as many different subjects as possible, write pieces tailored towards requests made by people wanting a specific type of content, and vary your prices to see what sells best. There is the potential to sell a lot of work at this site. I know – I’ve done it.

3 – Keep job bank sites that are tailored towards writing bookmarked, and check them every day for relevant jobs. Craigslist, Genuine Jobs and Online Writing Jobs all list writing positions and contracts on a wide variety of subjects. I regularly find a large number of leads at these three sites alone.

The key to successfully finding and selling your writing online lies in persistence, and in knowing where to look. The above leads will send you in the right direction, without any of the hunting around that I had to do in the beginning.

Write new content regularly and post it at Constant Content. Search the job listings on a daily basis. And when you find something you like the look of, apply right then and there. Competition can be fierce, and getting in at the beginning will give you an even better chance of success.

About the Author:

About the author:
Allison Whitehead has been a freelance writer for 17 years, selling hundreds of articles to both magazines and websites. To discover tips, advice and links on getting paid to write on the internet, visit this page now – http://www.squidoo.com/smoo_publishing

Attention Work At Home Moms ...

For those of you who are work at home moms ... or those of you who would like to be a work at home mom ... take a look at WAHM 2 WAHM and check out their free searchable database full of great work at home mom opportunities. If you enjoy forums, you'll also want to check out WAHM Forums (WAHM Forum Review) and get their free WAHM Forum Review where they review and rate over 100 work at home mom forums.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Writing Web Content

Writing Web Content
by: Scott Lindsay

Professional writers find it hard to read web content. Not because web content lacks quality, but because it lacks literary style. Obviously writing for the printed media and writing for the web are two different matters. There are not too many people ready to give up the morning newspaper for the, let’s say, “morning e-zine”, but more and more users browse the web looking for information, news and entertainment.

It’s easier to follow a story in the printed media than online. Reasons vary from the size of the text and the resolution of the monitor to how a page is read. While people read novels and books in sequence, web readers are unpredictable. You never know on what page a visitor is going to land and from where. People browse the web and look for specific information. Then they “scan” a page and read solely what captures their interest.

To write good content for the web means to be able to write plain. Here are some good tips in writing content for the web:

1. Write as you talk. That means: use a simple writing style: plain English, short sentences, clear content and easy flow of ideas. Don’t use fancy words to show how smart you are. Guess what? People don’t care. You don’t want your readers to run to a dictionary to see what you mean.

2. Summarize your main ideas in clear titles and headings. This is what web readers are looking for: a clear formatted text with a clear structure of ideas. Start with the headline, continue with a summary, and use subheads to outline different ideas. People do read bulleted text. Use bullets or numbers to condense important points (yeah, as in this article).

3. Write less: people don’t like to scroll down on infinite pages. Long articles almost always turn them off. Keep your articles short – let’s say not longer than 500 words.

4. Chunk your web pages. As users prefer shorter pages, try to limit the length of your web pages by creating slices of information. Use links to help readers quickly locate further info.

5. To enhance reader experience, use visible links to more information, news, related sources, pictures and so on. Don’t mislead your readers. Let them choose which links to follow. As a standard, links are blue and underlined. But many designers choose other colors and a hover effect that suggests to users that the text is a link.

6. Write exciting content: people love controversy and learn from debate. Turn on their imagination, encourage them to comment and send you feedback. Use a personal, friendly style to win their sympathy.

7. Write for your readers but don’t forget about the search engines. Writing for the search engines might cause your phrases to sound odd and repetitive, but search engines are looking for keywords. Keyword density is one of the factors influencing the positioning of your website in the search engines results. So: repeat words but don’t annoy your visitors with this technique. Repetitive is not synonym with stuffing.

Now, if you are an experienced journalist or a traditional writer, are you sure you want to give that up and become a web writer? Or could you be both? Think about it!

About The Author
Scott Lindsay is a web developer and entrepreneur. He is the founder of HighPowerSites and many other web projects. HighPowerSites is the easiest do-it-yourself website builder on the web. No programming or design skill required. Get your own website online in just 5 minutes with http://HighPowerSites.com at: http://www.highpowersites.com

Sunday, July 15, 2007

GemStyle Jewelry

I've started a new business and I wanted to give a shameless plug ;)

Alright jewelry lovers! We are so excited to be introducing our gorgeous new line of jewelry!

GemStyle Jewelry is bridging the gap between “fine jewelry” and “costume fashion jewelry” … so you get the high quality designer pieces you want … with an affordable price tag!

With affordable designs, beautiful jewelry, and women who want to be the first to wear the latest trends … this unique company is going to be a huge success! Be among the first to wear our unique designs! Host a party and earn your jewelry for FREE … or join my team and have fun running your own jewelry business!

Check us out today! Suzanne Franco, Founding Consultant


OK ... shameless plug for my niece, Cynthia Sneller. She is a loan officer and she recently helped me refinance my house and land ... and has cut my payment by at least 30%!!!!!!!

She also specializes in credit repair and has raised credit scores by over 100 points within a matter of weeks!

Check out her website and if you or anyone you know needs any help at all with their mortgage or credit give her a shot ;) *SmiLes* Suzanne

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